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Deep Cleaning and Disinfectant Fogging

​SJC  Disinfecting Fogging Service will help you fight back the COVID-19 and reclaim your healthy and safe environment again.


The Disinfecting Fogging Service is recommended for anyone who has been either directly or indirectly exposed to any sort of virus, including viruses from flu/cold and covid-19.

This method of disinfection can be safely used in homes, offices, schools, daycare, adult facilities, gyms, restaurants, stores and more! 

This method of disinfection can be done separately, however, it is also recommended to be used in conjunction with a deep cleaning to ensure more long-lasting results and efficiency.

Benefits of Fogging:

The Fogging Treatment eliminates odor, mold, dust mites and kills 99.999% of bacteria, germs, cold and flu viruses, these include but are not limited:

SARS Coronavirus


E-coli, Cytomegalovirus, Staphylococcus aureus


Salmonella, typhi



Trichophyton mentagrophytes

Avian Influenza

Feline Herpesvirus

Newcastle disease

Canine Parvovirus


And many more…

3 step fogging treatment system:

1. Deep Clean Area

2. Disinfect Fogging

3. Wipe Down Touch Point Areas


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A representative will contact you to confirm appointment and to get any additional information prior to our arrival.


Our specialist will first prepare the area. We recommend our clients leave the premises during this process to ensure we have no drawbacks during the process and that the treatment is as effective as possible.


 You will be notified upon completion, signs will be placed in each area or location that was treated.

 Currently COVID-19 is an extremely serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of your family, staff and employees are on the line. Don’t take any chances; call SJC today.

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We perform ongoing inspections to ensure that every clean is up to our high standards.

Let us take care of your cleaning so you can keep healthy and focus on the more important things.

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